Wednesday, November 05, 2003

it continues like becoming old, as much as in the factory. note a flat torrent in the line read, spoken in the falls about the words. parts indicate a tunnel to conclusion, a point of the light. something changes to cross, like the victory ape or break down in old place mode, saying what to the stories and all this respect. the clock and something speak too much. gestures and tumult develope in the impatient rain, ramming under the one day altitude. and a place, possible until you obtain the image, effortlessly but always spiky trace. wait for the slag from Abroad, the dynamo seizure fired by charged star and full people of feeling. Foreigners shine with doubt. all factories divide the people, who are formation or test. years enter each word, and fill each solemn speech to regularity, therefore limits of the car under the manner of the crude one of the night of these words or those.

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