Monday, November 03, 2003

the man or woman said 'I read it this way', as certain lights in the sky became uncertain. 'this is the beginning,' said the person, pulled to maximum clearance by a good childhood and all the delivery. 'space creatures give us nothing but answers,' sighed the person. the person is adult, is not part of a crashed helicopter crew, doesn't expect to see El Mozote as the neighbourhood, doesn't trade barbs for finality. 'it's a good grey day to add barnacles to the bottom of the ship, accrue the useless dread and fix a path,' said the same thread of examination. a saltarello itself embarks, which means steady beat and bleating shawm closes over a portion of expectation. sure the dance is better when you've not crashed with helicopter mates. bleak news is a participle in a sentence, a sentence, lo, the horizon seems a fresh blinding in these rather than other days. the man or woman is the cause of difference by being equal, that is, to the thing itself. an openly episcopal gay man becomes bishop of the church. is the church fare, or a place of attack when the aliens get their backs up? the steeple installs many memories of the landscape overtaken. dire Colonel Lansdales start equal signs in dark places. palaces, of course, are subjective.

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