Saturday, November 01, 2003

odd strong Fort
Detroit before running time and
gave to topside friends, gave
above, took shearings with cord, which
markings are startling, poured
rock raising breaks in
landcape, in the notices
of camp dialogue, with dawn
piping, which forms morning, which
indicates the presence of
serious investigation, which is nice
nice, it is the farm, if we are
children, and goats jump from
simple surfaces, to tighten
a last embolism of the sport
responsible for the test, to
adapt the nation to
its contracts, which
empties the goats
without danger for the
love of the picture: our
literature, we registered but can be
reduced to splinters to set things
on, our savour of the dreamed
ready for child's play, on the way Fort
Detroit falls beautifully, Baghdad
is a date, a friend with whom we
the documents of math or myth
hesitate in fame's
point, approximate
values of Senate and
Congress are
developed by
university, get to the
detail of the new house, which
is poetry with detail word and used
parts and typical nuance, the
measured value of poetry burs
another line then
strongly downward into
books, shift again

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