Sunday, November 16, 2003

the ratio of given switches within the stiff progress sorting of twine. lifted from desperate rope on seas of if/when, dividing tense to contribute to brokerage fee. when made as shambles, lining up in direct payment, then seen thru the starlight parametre. church points to who knows what. out of regent star and sun bursting its seams, a went thru this. no one struggled while Neruda broke free. intelligent damage report scoffs on the rocks in Virginia Woolf. intelligent damage report is years later, at a time like this. and the potency of shame reverses the stern, brings around a tale of Nicole Kidman as the greatest ever to occur lately. our bunk is anyone's. just as the surface tends to veer, so the sentence looks to centre on moving objects. and the state reverence for the thing itself, deadened but worth a wink. no known node remains, evacuation stays plentiful and perfected. thus steps taken in the middle of the night produce a learned ratio. people come to their sense, then others, an awful fit find.

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