Tuesday, November 04, 2003

a spending of home, of the thinning and dad, going lightly to say, as light shifts to appropriate conundrum like where are we and why is this the place, when so many places are nearer, and love often fractures, givens are taken, smudge pot thinning and smoke, which is hardly a grasp, but beginning to end, and ending to begin, the light goes lost, leaves mentions in snow someday or crusty sound of footsteps in leaves, the oak that was is still an oak, a final vacation to remember, the thinning is exhaust, is years as planets, is quaint family denial or larger than a hillside, a love like any hillside grows as temperature or reflex, thinning quietly, not averse, not a stretch of desert or a highway implicated in countries far from here or even the old homestead talking nonsense, critical mass invented daytime, where families live and dad's die, spending moments or pounds in signs, soothing reference while gentleness casts an opinion, the great sunshine of a month sgo and the rushing grey of three days from now, minutes escape the between to render something cooler, like a transit or a little music for the night, it's as much as talking while we love, and it's not beyond the alien scan

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