Sunday, November 16, 2003

step into space 

Gertrude's writing notes is writing notes and sampling. the music then is Gertrude then now and then it's Gertrude. light stalls as it whips across the universe, kids scream, hey it's a Phish concert, droplets spun thus and so. Gertrude is debutante in language debut but this is that and more or less. hey it's Phish concert for ever or a while. Gertrude is under the spell of where the word went when going is meant. hey it's a Phish concert until tomorrow. on tomorow and this little or so much time attention. it's a concert Phish and in its stead as has been said all along and thru the light. Gertrude wrote to town. dictated to a sentence that sentence that listened dictated to that sentence.

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