Saturday, November 01, 2003

Thomas the Rhymer Smokes Reefer 

the old Fort Detroit will go again. choice remains a dog. meanwhile, the Dien Bien Phu looks like a truck stopping closely to the point of document. the aliens align with a certitude worthy of stars. we've got rocks in our truck, and trucks finish dates. dates lose preamble just by station. each station, that is, presents a paper of rendering. hangman looks like a topic sentence when hesitation lets something loose. looser, that is. the hangman finds a wedge by which to enter the sentence. we are worth our words, someone says, and lets poetry read along. poetry checks with Gertrude, who has taught the people something perfectly stunning along the riverbed. we follow alongingly.

Fort Detroit needed a natural nation of conflicted reason close to the river and possible escape a type of sentence for everyone. in Dien Bien Phu, large quaint structure turned on a dime, and the dime lifted its head, and the head merged to the point, where people died or talked a lot. there's never enough of too much, on the scams lately rented. today is a consultation when the wires click, and spark loves us. we've woven another gestural tremendous. bombs come after. regnant report flusters each auditor, which drives the aliens batty. they've been keeping score, in a rough, stupid way.

resolution comes at a price, like feigning lustre. we have command points at hand, along with a travelogue and jury. we have hands on training, unlike the aliens. we've said we are together, like a lowering poem. the gamble stings. so does the imputation of sentence structure when My Lai proves so caustic. history lessons make great beds. loam fits a pattern for somewhat research. poetry has been lofty hazard at scattered times and along the board meeting notes. forward patience touches an extreme star blaze tuneful reliance and scuppered squaring. id est is the remainder. Bush as president is the logical chopping block.

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