Friday, November 14, 2003

what is Negroponte in English? 

rocket correction of medium, deliver point of sales to the fight, where seasoned veterans explain the next turn of events. at approximately death a something something comes clear. it was these, and we are there. we sent a special rocket express, filled words with meaning that swells intent. the best is better than nothing, everything a name brand. escape changes barnyards and the excused coastal extreme. touched by the lucky lap of water, sent to say so. speed kills almost anything, a rush into Cambodia. a rush into Iraq, my friends were dying to see. a rap about victims, the close, the torn, the sport, the need, the sentence filled by might. might we as they, under suspicion and the globe, but the firm factory poem sent from making it to the top. top that cartoon tincture, as creme de la creamed. best you could do? feed patience into Nepal, secretly. feed death as a vote. vote jungle. vote on top of happy, next to fall apart, next to near happy. rocket connection of alien outermost, exhaust the patience of limit.

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