Sunday, December 28, 2003

equal, that is, to the reel itself 

the annual Allen written so far produces tension in strata as yet unheard. these alien concerns are Allen, equal to anything by which Allen, in name or not so. these are the finest 'expressions' to date of simple expressions to date. note the cool influx and parity, like a game ball from a severe NFL victory. such 'poems' make a time machine, or glass bleeds true bead, as thorough going as pleases 'Allen'. not alien avast me hearty, not alien William Shatner or aNTHONY kIEDIS, nor even the last time, but a battering ram sentence or production number, big. annual Allen and into daze features a trial by blurring. yes says a lot, but aliens aren't barnacles on a clever ship. instead they produce news from the 'abode'. more news will arrive with stark 'HUSSEIN' and know it all. you climb in. you sink fast. you want to be a hobbit!!!

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