Tuesday, December 30, 2003

late tally 

battered by business decisions, the cold season saw elves (eleves?) climb the thoroughly at roughly 4:31. the race was on. factories full of sentries rendered incapable blue over mean stata of concern. rockets were everywhere, almost personable in the way of logs. cunning provoked cunning, without acceding to no deposit/no return theory. it was the edge of many things, like aliens at their best. an inquest into 'what happened' in Vietnam centred on program. the race was on. we got Saddam, chortled the one and the many, a chorus plop on the doorstep. sanction took West Virginia. the old year rocked. 'they' want happiness, don't want suffering. the cold season saw elves, eleves, elevators. the cold season spat out the remains, the Ramones, the REM sleep. other functions would work better 'later'.

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