Monday, December 22, 2003

orange light district 

the angels
decided again
in the
grey meaning dawn
to leave the fall
to every moment
orange warning
light in
season of loss

the angels
fell to the ground
in canvass of
late news told us
everything blows
sky limits only
the imagination
where language
tries again

the angels alien
to so many ideas
close over the
shrapnel verbiage
local units
flexing taxable
trumpet flair
in the evening out

the angels air
out the alien by
simple masked light
tho we know the
names and
have invented

the hit of the moment
is not MADONNA(r)
or other associations
but certainties of fear
translated into a global
function within
systematic recall
minor agent orange

not to forget
and his astonishment
in the air
floating with regal
pomp and
starting the drop
into a popular

caned doubt
rented flecks
parceled drone
emergency leaf

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