Saturday, December 20, 2003

particle plot 

when the angels reach West Virginia the simple classifications will be dealt a mortal blow. answers will continue grown for the war abroad. those who are and those who are not can test the facts against the slide that's sure to happen. everyone loves an earthquake, the sampling testimony that drove us to this loss.

angels rear up ugly heads and tell the listening public greater truths, truths as big as balloons or rodeos, balloons so mighty as to clear the air or arrive in Boise, Idaho in the shock of new year or millennium. balloons so rudely perfect and prepared to document the 'fight': our squawk against our own willingness. balloons that frighten the shades of the White House, there, in the sullen distance equated with other days.

listen, angels spy on us, sending guesses to the alien factions who have, up till now, and only more to come...

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