Friday, December 05, 2003

the singer for the group that sang "Eye of the Tiger" is now ANTHONY KIEDIS. this has to be a poem about ANTHONY KIEDIS. you "the reader" must go along. you know you are ANTHONY KIEDIS. you know you sang "Eye of the Tiger" for the past 900 years. you are confused. you bought South Vietnam for chump change. any change is good change. "Eye of the Tiger" meant Rocky would live on. Rocky is a pet. Rocky told ANTHONY KIEDIS to glow more forthrightly. as the battle wears on, the diameter of circles becomes more carefully measured. the singer for the group that did "Eye of the Tiger" gets funky. he lives in that ward. he calls out the numbers best suited to the occasion. he renders definite closure on problems, for minutes at a time. thus the circle translates into more prevalence, we each have a hand in it. ANTHONY KIEDIS rethinks his career, and all the bubbles of air that congest in his bloodstream. he ambles the country with his tiger eye. reader is ready for a trip as well.

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