Tuesday, December 09, 2003

slant season 

sentiment as perhap sly angels. their debit cards rendered zilch in Baghdad province, repeating Vietnam with a flick of a wand. trumpet sounds great news, great news. a buzz thru fa-la-la, until the aliens look around. more reports need space to delineate all the arid incredible devious trail out of Baghdad. the angels start a revolt, which is carried into greener lands and bluer skies. children of West Virginia leave their names on short lists. other folks bank on. radicalism produces a caulking embargo; the angels fail to groan. the aliens fail to gain the angels. a spearhead resumes its intended. a total for recent days contains the embryo, plastic colour bet yet no mere social reading. crowds become sonic in their defeat. the first angels scram, boil over intended for human consumption. your new born king awaits.

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