Saturday, December 06, 2003

this is for standing still 

rED hOT cHILI pEPPERS still lame, limping stopgap for what the world feigns. limited interest rating gallops to the polls, finding distraction a mendicant behaviour. posing as a thrill, like the fear of deer, when deletion is just a mindframe. the political remains gunked with such and such, speckled mush on a sidewalk. the fight goes to the aliens, who are at peace. they went at peace, they took at peace, they sang Good King Wenceslas with torrid wind as winter gets. slices of empty phrase doled to the team, now go out and win it. Iraq is a plump berry, full of rED hOT cHILI pEPPERS. the news is that thick, spotted with lumps of interest. the feast of Stephen doesn't work on us. you know the names. the pEPPERS aint one of them.

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