Wednesday, December 31, 2003

trying time 

it is a modest 10:15 'or so'. people are went, and have been car bomb. not here in middle earth (the gumption to say so) but there, the thought of losing. winning is a goal, I am a very proud noun. my version of what happened went like this, goes like this and will sound like something else again. in deference to nation and it is the end of a year (who made this year?), I place nothing where nothing was. so is my sentiment. at 10:18 there is marginal change. she wants happiness, doesn't want suffering. a car bomb hastens. an alien strikes out Mordor, which came into happening, and I went twice to see. the aliens and elves got together. the war is a bit moist. see years go. see friends as murk. see books assault, then fade, then you see the movie. the movie wants a puppy. you want a home. they want a tree in their backyard. they understand yard and are hungry. they are fields. you would be too. we are towns. others are roadways. 10:21 means something somewhere. so does the next town in sequence. verbs are merry partners. a poem is a collision. several poems are several collisions. an angel rides away from Baghdad, into the year 2004. that's what 10:24 is like. names fall away. movement answers. words favour flowers.

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