Sunday, January 18, 2004

Emperor of Sky reduction 

the aliens engage letting the desert fall into decline while names of countries grow into ideas to image but wait those in/of sky pronounce intentions saying give up at this time immediately under the power over you all I have and my army do not hesitate in the thinking foolish humans but lurk also not since my effort is all commanding and the days shorten with each minute going on you cannot deliver a reply but acquiesce haha my power is more than sneaking up to you hahaha and more terrible still when you realize all hope is without a good cause exactly because I am command of the Army of Sky that will take your measly human pittance for the smoke that I see haha evil is my game that I can play any time the war you make is only a sub fraction of your imagination compared to the awesome power that I command and so on, haha, and so on

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