Monday, January 05, 2004

list work, 1/5/04 

the aliens were kidding. battle lines were drawn, then inked, then re-inked, then a standing invitation, then a standing army, then a stand, then a policy referral, then a quote from Winson Churchill, then radicalism deployed, then a partial reinstitution, the a full-fledged aerial attack, then a squandering, then a continued squandering and resquandering, then a label, and poetry, and a prize, and further prizes, and a book deal, and an explanation, and a redefinition, and the town becomes frail, the eyes of teachers fade, fathers fail, mothers simply still, arrest is political, inquest becomes available, radio static sounds like words, monsters start again, networks isolate, sentences end, nouns becomes verbs and verbs go: all this on monday, every fucking monday...

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