Friday, January 16, 2004

point by point 

landing premise,
statuary claims,
then precinct in which
with laws and language
the good prevail
over offbeat syntax,
then the present tense,
then future imperfect,
then a matter of dipping
lowly as clouds,
then the whole wild thing
exploited with documents
(you care about the vote),
then seasons of mist and
mellow furtiveness,
then that intense
longing for a democracy
approved by one and all,
then a drop in tempo
to the bottom, then
a sale in West Virginia,
then green sward
like clouds,
then daily falling
clouds to retail,
then the measure,
then a trout symphony
bursting upon Iraq,
then the seeming,
then the gesture,
then crowds from way back
begin the usual toll,
then toxic like
your last comment,
then wintry efort,
then commotion
prized for faction,
then every detail
rounded in the sentence,
then further hell and hello,
then halls and business
adn incessant timing,
then the closing,
juncture at the point
of saying, then a last
measure of
what is left

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