Monday, February 16, 2004

criticize economic policy while on the way in or out. struggles cause tangent, into a blue series, saying anything that comes to mind. after tangent returns home, the series reads red as can be. you want a calm instruction. you tell of economic policy from the vantage, and the rhymes consist of days on end. still probing the definition of case, but the series goes a green you had a tree for. nothing ends badly, or not at all. a lot of exchanges stir in the morning, tho black is a series too. and white is no different. after colour you begin to forget. the criminal weather straightens our narrow, for the enclosing cold and moment. war policy and the whole national strafes on a condition of explaining in words or less. this doesn't feed the millions. a change grows over yellow or silver or any line of colour. you've been bending with light for all your days. the tangent grows again, no centre is worthy of the name. until you've had your say, that is.

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