Wednesday, February 18, 2004

go on 

in a train sense, tho lacking the bounds of run on. produce the news in Tibet albeit there is no Tibet. slam on Nepal, by way of a dead and waiting. the notion in between theories arrives as a modest resumption. it transpires as marching into the city, as what the fuck Bagdadh, as unranium leak, as an effortless king or emperor well-approved by the overarchiing fuss. magnified as the next slow walk to a John Kerry cares about me. honestly, is this next president this same? unwrapping reports and filling snow. juxtaposed perceptions amidst hey, while, think, drop, care. then a cattle crossing meaning, and the polls are in and serving now, perhaps as boss, folk, function: mixed up language demand, total sentence mock up, finite sinister rebate.

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