Wednesday, February 18, 2004

now we ride into town. we read something and are 'ready'. a trail appears. distance provokes a word. we see a child, an example, the loom of time. the looming, that is, and pay attention. a war goes 'on'. we ask a simple question. there's a blue sky sometimes tho not today. see if snow makes a difference. some live outside. some take advantage. some work out rules. some run on. there's a planet in space, in spaces that are divided, in zones of preparation or ordination or scope. well, there's a story and a half. a rocket forms a purpose, blah blah blah. a party extreme. suddenly, the violet place, the perfect letter, the name, the act in conjunction. suddenly, in time for another vote, or practice is endeavour. we've gotten the sensation. the aliens proceed to distribute whatever it is they wish, in an astonished lapse in time. we've taken the town by storm, with exageration and it doesn't matter.

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