Friday, February 06, 2004

some grave day (again), to travel by plans. instant rain fed lowered streams, till the bite of hazard closed on today's public outcry. so much for florid dying in the streets, so much for film of children such as that. from any country down to the last drop, a spectacle of what you expect. the losses enumerate childlike, and we can tell local authorities. political plans rise, while mainly elite seize the day. a vacation with stripmines, deviled water, and the last sentence before breath. deeper is a landmark, and still the children seem to be chosen. still, that is, the present fallen into parties and brush with death. still, chiming chords to wake one sad demonstration. still, the name of the river when we are ready. this river arrives at a point in time, to clear memory and slowly pervade the gulf. loss is definite, found, cushioning, serious, telling, fine and wake. one hand reaches another, in effort and structure. love becomes a word, then becomes no word at all.

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