Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Speak Speak 

factor listen to this and just about time: West Virginia is daylights, forged on plainsong, while the goodly people enumerate.

West Virginia grabs erasure like can you filter. the waves of intense turns the village dynamo, that skills the mines, that loops the heads of hill, that sends a barter membrane on the top of all requests, that functions as a country, that steals a midnight oil, that collusion and that waxing, that zonal frequent embassy, that stone of effort in the man and woman, that the endless child breaks on the dam for instance, that streams and rivers fight, that notions exist as particles, that soon is never, that apt goes long goats and sheep and hogs and cows, that the structure loses exactly, that the meaning stubs forever, that noon coexists with blankly, that here is moment totaled as a gunny sack or glister, that since you asked and are a nation here's a bedrock trope or kind of politics to leave you, you alone, you in town forever, how does it feel?

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