Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Test Pattern 

one pity cry on mountainside. loopy chess variant talks angel into act. there are no acts, the angel tries to say (wing flap). this is a mountainside. the plain below resembles hot temper, the need for something. children are spotted and grabbed, you write a list, the subject becomes drapery, and the sea covers over. sudden investment schemes ruin everything, and we bring Martha Stewart before the court. was she responsible for The Matrix Reloaded? who could tell. our friends at Halliburton topple over, and we see that beneath them is an orb. this orb is earthlike, yet filled with plans. Martha Stewart tells Janet Jackson to be stalked. Justin Timberlake grows old as shadows and furthermore, a little lake that wishes, and then, poor, dies. well, he didn't make The Matrix Reloaded. he didn't have a name. he felt, and Martha felt, and Janet felt, and in a second, closely watched, but it was an idea, and then the sentence ended. readership waited for more sentences.

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