Wednesday, February 04, 2004

this is new affordable housing, one might muse, looking at the clearing under smoke. there was some grave day heading toward a great war between states, like those between forgetfulness and memory's teeming. people glide to the nearest alien, so that parting shots can be shed in light of current understanding. a war doesn't affect everybody, for goodness sake, a person might declare. probabilities remain whole, for guidance and a turn at bat. we like our chances, tho the crowd at the head of the parade seems rather varied. will they all help us to our place? we ask, with treasure troves asserting our policy hack. it's a dismal battle, in time and thru various holes that tell us something. perhaps the jingle might go something like this: black hole, black hole, how much do you eat time? then add a little rhyme to carry thru to future days, the spell, mighty emphasis, clearance, a vote, distraction, empathy, wild, given, and not a moment too soon. it's a fight till the end of fight, and so on.

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