Tuesday, February 03, 2004

trend setter 

please excuse errors like I excuse leaves. excuse little child bomb, a misery fading from habit. excuse the bullish want to see a way to the store while something else begins to show signs. please excuse the next sentence, after which excuse the period that could stop the words. excuse all the ends of other sentences, for we live in a rich timing of events. excuse a war zone if it is in your heart, sayeth the smoke from my hopeless gun toting. excuse a mask that means coaxing community into network. ask me about poetry, which is the excuse of dignity to match time with the words that were left. excuse poetry that is here, always here, never there. excuse Nepal and Tibet as equal topics of equal sentences. excuse my USA and my orange outside and my golden inside and my known to withdraw. excuse, and this. excuse moaning and excuse the laughter over. excuse spelling after spelling, and Piper, and fielding the layers in time. excuse look at my hair at 51, my arms in between people, my list after list.

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