Monday, March 22, 2004

a long wake into the forest prepared for a talk with each delegated word. a probable cost leaps into a glen, to clear up settled genes. an alien needs time to place its picture. meanwhile, people are everywhere, that's a fact. they drink coffee late, then fiddle their way home. home shows a nature of resistance, as if the war had an enemy. fine talk surfaces, well of poetry. since poetry is important, for the career it lodges, then the candidates work it hard. they haven't read everything, but gained a gist. certainty wants to wrap up this part of the program while the aliens still act shyly. soon, the intemperate will have something to wrestle with. a bomb here or there to discover while someone talks a blue streak, for instance. if we were listening carefully, instead of talking about talking about, then a place would be in place. sturdy honest work wants us in position. the aliens hover. we get the idea.

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