Friday, March 05, 2004

network HEADS 

present call over the most single of words. it wants indentation, or field of commas, or a dash to end a phrase that was a potato field suddenly, and Maine can't be pretty this time of year. read over news and Mike's Song, and a dot clears my throat, if no one else will listen. an alien calls the present tense, and West Virginia calls the past, because that is how we work. we can all be what's left when you are David and nothing left to write. talk in the gulley and strides toward the theatre. a creaking town awaits. there seems like news in each web strand. stay on topic, like John Kerry versus George Bush in the end of aftermaths. read about opinion. pull community from the edge and tell it about a poem in one day. advert aNTHONY kIEDIS as the pressure from within. token references to Emily Dickinson will be Gertrude Stein in the end. that is, the power lies.

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