Sunday, March 14, 2004

once proven window
discloses lake effect
briar. we cried. the engine
difference broke
control fever over
loose land mass. as of
people but corrupted.
margins were igloos
in the layabout
of a national
pride. we strove
doorstep, eyeglass, and
temple bell, to no
avail. we wrote
bookwork, handicap, and
pharmacy. we instilled
basic loss poise
and spread. when the
regent commanded
doctoral plop, the essence
of a winter day
filed down to
mass. we weren't
indifferent to
the pain -- what would be
the point of that? -- but we
sat as quietly as
possible. the great idea
had a poem or
nuance to lend, which
we saw as disaster, or
starcraft to the
furthest reaches. then we
got to talking.

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