Sunday, March 28, 2004

postulant types possible reply to dead except that the range of feelings doesn't fit the spelling mistakes or the green turf over the grave that years have culled or bonus in the graveyard thru a spot and vantage tells a lot of your interest in the clarifications of the countryside the beat continues with rich and poor the idle grow almost and the same name plants a spell or more so long or when we come back nod or spill or open up the boxed into a better sort of quiet when we dream we work a word and set its pose upon a block the block looks permanent and fills a universe or two tho which is never said just green mixing down and brown lasted and snow white all the time and crocus are no answer and daffodils haven't heard a word and now it mixes with implement or the darkness of weather or even the fit escapade in political time locked into the vibration like a telling blow no more no more but only this as spelled out driven reached shown handed over, clover, look over

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