Thursday, March 04, 2004

trust factor of sentry duty smells of smoke. Pontiac performs requisite reaction in a time of reproach amidst the country feeling. someone must die or sort thru papers. colonists have trumpets. they carry a day with truckloads. sentries stir with every noise. the above work flying saucers recede into a movie that will make millions. a roaming fee goes on the books. the books themselves plea for attention. talk down the sad alien infestation, it just wants to give answers. talk over the sentry's harsh challenge. look, West Virginia is a joke, now that sophistication controls the prompt. an end game will allow certain features to be explored. you read a poem that marks a breath, but standard issue, your community leaves the details to others. wrap it up as a congestion in the system. party of the first part takes the stand.

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