Wednesday, March 03, 2004

the weak point of blizzards doesn't end a spring day. our tools will seek names, Gil Ott, the others, a father. our tools will people a desperate charge account, will place banking favours in the climate. once and for all comes second. the community mellows with the idea that here you link and forever. the name pours on, while expectations command respect. it isn't about tearing the calico, push comes to shove. we've seen a day or two, early and late, and been driven to stores for all night. there was a word to give the clerk. there was an offer of the counter, say a doughnut, or a pack of, ready to the moment. the community says dulllards live lives. the community insists on pieces tollled for a ration. the community gathers newspapers for living. poetry points on a glove or room or where the most roam. out of an extra sphere to peruse the next generational saying, this day idea idle and clannish. now the weather turns fine, giving a segment of the community some time.

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