Tuesday, April 06, 2004

it's on top of the mountain saying hi allen that claim posts serious mojo on 'your' temple proof but what of reverie in the reverse of afternoon? can 'you' send a shadow ballpark to the endzone clerical fashion? I don't have increments in the morning except buying soon toward feast or eminent famine. I mean the get go where ponds often survey low meaning defiance factor, such orange in the sun. relaxing compost into years of terrible sessions, young isn't old anymore but we've got to jibe. I mean, when the runt of telling says poetry excavates meandering throng until a doping scheme resorts off chance, then the community far enough that 'you' could almost. the notion rides a bus. train stays the chorus while we milk our means. inside that constancy I've left a bug or two, and am likely to remit statements such as that. sleepy as water, fortunate for breakfast, now the cause in effect.

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