Friday, April 02, 2004

poli sci planning 

so the payment plan
illustrates how
Michael Jordan turns
blue. Michael is all one
ever, of just the purpose
and kind. slow results move
often political waters. floods
are not engagement. Jordan
tho he retired
tells winning where to land.
and in juxtaposition
a thrill a minute, even the most
minor minute
cannot be escaped from. Michael
Jordan until you read. more
willing than when you
won't. a slow death patiently
coloured blue by
the news in Iraq. there is
news in Iraq. it's about
basketball, a furnace
rumbling somewhere, like
something to be owned, the
plausible instilled with
rhythm. miracle of
retraction, the depth
of marshmallows,
a cool sparing tone in one's
logical embellishment. then the
beauty of it all, landing in
a hero with just the right tax.

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