Sunday, April 18, 2004

political ag/ncy on th/ hillsid/, as such a symphony, as such plain, th/ whistl/ of drums into myst/ry caving in whil/ a laugh, that R/publican talking to th/ ali/n conc/rn, that D/mocrat filling in, that sp/cious s/dim/nt nam/d Larry or Bud who wh/n G/org/ says so says so, or /ls/ a div/ across th/ country, an indignation allow/d to f/atur/, th/n bullying cavalry, a tribut/ to tribut/s, that G/org/ or that Dick lining up, that caus/ in /ff/ct with vic/ v/rsa, sludg/ slow /uphony tak/s th/ wav/s, soundl/ss is colourl/ss, th/ hillsid/ r/mains insid/ a d/ft word, wh/n words ar d/ft...

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