Sunday, April 11, 2004

riled up 

in the gulley of losing
while interest interprets radical lore,
over the buzz spleen gourd relaxing
such as nerves the steel drone, working
hammock on the turntable battles
on, but on won't lose, and in has natural talent,
and over needs a war called time,
speed ritual thru many meanderings, Starfleet Command
slips a mickey into, the aliens draw back, James Kirk follows
his arrow, we can turn thru pages of documents to the right,
suddenly it is the Next Generation of watching television,
and that's a kidnapee waiting, and that
is a mosque, and the muezzin
pulls a fast one, and George Bush is a
label, and a dream coasts on power
supply, and then we rent a movie called
and the resort is history,
et cetera being
the better part

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