Thursday, May 13, 2004

alien's inventing Boston poetry 

postulants fry the Red Sox on their fulminated reserve, but we who are privy to sideways refer to the afterglow of oink. when the war comes to combing your hair, you too will be program. outside your Red Sox, (verity, the call of Boston), you'll be a plastic sheet. think of all plastic sheets as definite. you're in the league to say America, that taxable. wish reserves a place in the auditorium. wind blows a fart onto your very first book. you can mine your precincts with dedication, the angelic aliens from Vegas have called in a profit ratio that you will enjoy. here's the splatter cast of being in the biz. promo means duty, war's a residual. the fuck of cream cheese will bend to the wishes of your elegant post modern bagel. since yearly your ass, and more to come, let's have a cup and lift.

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