Monday, May 10, 2004

give up these green things today. today embark onto out these theories and at a price. today a bit of what we call torture, on an honest line then discuss. today as in the reading you made over the gloom, forested for pleasure only. today as in these green things as you made ready, watching at the news and on the topics. today as in splat, we've carried too much. today and until, you read over your news. today and only today, you read blue into green because that's a discussion in years. if in the sense of a beginning, you say a most. each most adds up, plenty. you in today is on an honest beam. sat for it when other green could be, then decided. it's in decide that the torture ends a beginning. it isn't a very news but only on the surface. we discuss as a present. there isn't a today to deny. we've got a green day ahead, in skies abounding with what you say. this give up takes a way. this theories rises from some clump of grass or torque in process. you can tell, when you are ready.

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