Monday, May 24, 2004

waiting data on the porch. this isn't my house but a working theory. and that will do me good. this refrigerator generates impressions by the large hour. you can trust the bathroom. there's no waiting game in the cellar, which we also call the basement and, sometimes, when excited, 'down there'. we execute our nation in small bits. the laundry room isn't really an excuse for anything. we wait in the kitchen until there's time for more tomatoes, but this does not always save us. there are forces out there, believe me. the national thing gets very big press, almost a moment's worth. we're in the bedroom now, reading our stellar positioning. tracks on the moon may mean nothing, and improvement of the desert feature goes apace. we need an asking price. we need something in which poetry sounds like life. we need rather more attention, if you please.

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