Tuesday, June 29, 2004

publish this plan, Britney's getting married 

my sediment fell into place. my alien conquered when the last word was spent. my nation was a rack of pain, cool stress action needing just a plan. that's all the theory in this envelope, last the night. when you read of reading, did you lift a lasting smile on agreement and the bloom wears off? it was time to go off, deep acid test to the ring world and its plan. it was then. exceptional when we woke, together in just this, we said it wouldn't last in the language that came down. it would need some alien concern, beyond the marks on our cave wall. strictures need details of written turnpike, into the city finally sold on us. smoke some 60s dope until a plaid delirium becomes the book you care to mark. this is the effort of a disjunctive paradise. and while we're at it, write a new moon over constitutions.

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