Monday, June 28, 2004

that speck of entertainment 

you have wet Araby lying to you, while the desert seems like present for a finish. you've talked to the bold bear in the morning, that rumbles into a situation, and you've voted certainly. the caustics you use wear thin, like breath mints on a dry detour. will you be expending a cherished latitude while considering this world? are you Husserl rumpus in the mountains, with divots of gravy to explore? can this language exalt on a nemesis, without assistance from the throng? cheating the involved plotline of such constant reminders should disgrace any attempt at narrative. you've made a bedrock plan, sainted driving to the store at night. now you must refer to an exhaustion that you intended, even as you jumped up and down. you've become the political mass you talked about! now there's a land in the distance.

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