Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Unto the Britniad 

totally famous like a wet furnace in the engine leftover, she smiles frankly at the thought of what more is left to considerable. we're not blank in seeming so, just trained to tie on. she's definitely the next thing after what was on. she wakes us to cold in the morning, as usual as the gust of wind. segments of society are hers in a nutshell. indeed, her nut itself takes over. we blink because we rain on the hum, and because we can. this is what aliens mean when they need a turn. they need to find us finding out. Britney 'as such' begins to supply a sentence. not new, just something in the here and now (whichever comes first). it's all in morose code, as it happens, but that shouldn't bother you, me or the rest of 'us'. the work will supply its cause.

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