Friday, July 30, 2004

the big Boston reading in Cambridge* 

super into moment, Captain Instant as charged. the story so far: we went to a bar in Waltham where the beer makes you tremble into explaining, about hops and the Charles River and someday. thus Captain Instant and it's almost proven. except that that was soome 'other' day, tho good beer, not addressing the child's errors or fulfilling duties in life. and the plain fact, that somebody somewhere, writing formal entreaties without a language to control, begins anyway without the slightest class intake. and the further story rises to completion by a set of non variables that cannot even [fill the blank]. I am not at all in Cambridge near Boston reading richly, but that the slide engulfs even to say there is time, somewhere. being envious, they had to convoke a distribution rising from their own needs to be heard. someone wrote 'these' words in the meantime. oddly even, all.

*reference to, etc...

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