Saturday, July 17, 2004

Bruce Springsteen to the ends of the earth. mellow tone aliens been hearing them sounds for ages, all the ages Bruce Springsteen could comprise. radio waves to the ends of any universes are always archly pointing carrying 'you'. today on the some other place and time sits Bruce Springsteen, definite jet. down on that New Jersey coast, and alien landings, and the thick old-fashioned music that we expect. it's a charm to have a Bruce Springsteen thru all the air, wiring the universe, and he's only the one. to the ends of universes, it's called music when you like it, and hero when you buy. the aliens are piece-loving, particular to parts and what can be collected while the universes grow or shrink or do nothing at all. have you heard of the 18th century while you were reading all those?

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