Thursday, July 08, 2004

knocked on the deliberation for a moment. in a realm told of in furtive movies featuring jockeying Guinevere this I gotta see fighting Roman funny things (true story!) then stare out the cave opening. here to other the morning, cluttered with clouds: why does spinning sense bring terrific? say that I am Kenneth Lay, King of the Land of Enron. say that I am best buddies, tho that locution seems a little odd. say I control all your investigations, and you want more news. here's some: the ocean slapped someone silly. now you want to market your movie of Guinevere (true story!) telling in ction-filled the Romans to die quickly. this is a historical nutshell to ope with eyes a-glaze. some go with Kingdom Kenneth and what we expect. thus, when aliens fly down from the far thing in mind, we must tell them of our childhood. I used to try so hard. it's up to us, and the federation of us that we can make, given time and enough newspapers read slowly, not going to the comics until dutifully reading every prior page. Guinevere is OUT THERE, fighting Romans, creating a context in which Britney Spears can be a goddess and why not. why not see the Devil in Kenneth Lay's shoes, and why not see the courage involved in being Kennth Lay, and also in being his shoes. certainly this all strikes a delicacy. we should start edging towards the door.

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