Sunday, July 25, 2004

re solve 

here is plain information. it delivers you to the party where X and Y are starting 'things'. X is extremely, and you all know Y. X frequents revolution and also frequents telling you. Y has season, and it's all plain. when we get togetehr, we meaning they, it is a plum. while you forget, we, meaning they, try along lines. their's is a language, or close enough. frequently their words are bull and cow, sort of pictured, sort of dramatic, sort of out of the door real quick. sometimes their language all that narrative. and we're simple, listening, what the hell kind of party is this? so then it has to be revolution with a capital YOU, which is less than calming and look at the hours before dawn. well, there are other things in the air, no kidding, and interesting. screw X and Y, let's try this beer.

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