Sunday, July 18, 2004

so the story far: the King, Richard of Condition, transmits a parity to all clean lanes. this penetrates a possible truncheon, and we've had a purse involved. meanwhile, closed by television, a neat train has been thought. it will lean on used, as much as the people can bear. further in the road, a wild upbringing, tho poetics hardly stains the trench. Queen Will To smokes out possible regimes, yet the colliding inquiry from Desperate Enclave rattles few more bones than indeed there was Vietnam. associated with this action were crowds, people, even you and me leaning. this lent credence but not possible in any long run. all long runs ran contrary to uttering. sound wisdom caused Sophie and Gino to suffice. other people sufficed. the ending proved natural. then Fu Manchu rendered the less fictional aspect of his career into deeds of do not disturb. this fit the pulse already betrayed. we read about it further, fulfilled by semblance. Neal Cassady died deeply in a brief exercise. we caved in. history let us. King Richard and Lady Vending Machine began their beanfield-styled tryst. flowers came and went, then pods arrived. in the seeming sun, we could hear the argument. the beans were as beautiful as work. we distanced ourselves from process, it was on television. we stuck to out guns, which naturally stuck to us. end chapter. so story the far.

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