Wednesday, July 07, 2004

world class spelling made a deal with Gerge W. he requested that magic, and felt sooner when the gift arrived. it's a portrait, shown in blackness while excusing a few troubles. next is the example of John Kerry, another promontory. tales of perfect shading implore in the time remaining. while we beguile ourselves with expressed ratios, another family matter returns. the aliens see doctoring as the point. they left us to civilization for a millennium or two, now want to see their work as frfuit and enjoyed. we're ready for a countdown, to that most important spirit election. no one redeems quickly, let's be honest, yet excitement mounts. again with the President Bush, again with his Democratic opponent J F Kerry. again with matches and opposites. again seriously sayign again. the aliens aren't passive, you know, and the sea doesn't remain still...

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