Tuesday, September 07, 2004

buy deep at the end of every season. choose deep. choose a country, a nation, and say you are owned. or owner, the difference doesn't turn. and say you are father and mother both, having been to the war in terms. say you are language, since you serve. or since you don't, but you've seen rope. say that there's a terror in forgiving it. say that. take a spoon and taste that. say that you were once trouble and kind, both. say you said everything once, then forget. say you are father in forgetting then feel that in a minute. the minute is long. say that you know that minute. say then that the minute has your home and house, your terms, your might, your soon and together. say anything till you reason. blend and sing. try poetry as every word. season your difference with an earnest weight of word. forgive as you can, then a little more. say you more.

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